A Look That'll Last a Lifetime: Tips for a Timeless Kitchen

An important thing to keep in mind when remodeling is resale. We are making decisions that we love, while also appealing to buyers if we are to sell in the future. Kitchens sell homes, so we put a LOT of thought into every part of the design, beginning with this article from HouseLogic.

For our design, we went with white cabinets. The kitchen as it is feels dark and small, and we thought it was important to make it look and feel as large as possible. We've decided to take the cabinetry all the way the ceiling and top it with crown molding to give the illusion of height. 

I've spent half my life working in restaurants and certainly had a list of needs for the kitchen. First things first, open up the wall between the kitchen and the living room to create a breakfast bar. Not only will this open the kitchen up but it'll transform the living room from "the room that no one uses" to a casual and lounge-like extension of the kitchen.

We were still stuck on how to configure the layout, so I consulted with my dad, who's done countless renovations in the past. We're going to place a counter-depth refrigerator on the west wall where the dishwasher is currently placed, a cooktop and an oven on the east wall where the refrigerator currently stands, and place the dishwasher on the north wall, giving us 11 feet of continuous counter space.

The size and placement of the appliances have this room feeling cramped.

The size and placement of the appliances have this room feeling cramped.

We are still undecided on some items. I'm lobbying for hardwood floors, but Tom is concerned about how they'll hold up if we have an unfortunate leak. Tom would like granite countertops, but I like things that make a statement and had been hoping for concrete countertops. There is still plenty of time to come to an agreement and plenty of choices to make in the meantime.