We've stayed true to our list of wants, and after seeing a few houses, we've strengthened our list of needs. So far, nothing is giving us that feel-good feeling. It's also peak season for real estate and we've been busy with the business. We needed to hit the road to our cabin Up North to relax and clear our heads. 

sunset fishing on lost lake

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Our lease renewal was waiting for us when we got back to the apartment. Tired of our search, and shocked by this year's rate increase, we decided we needed to shift our home-buying strategy. A couple miles up the road, Barb Schaefer, our realtor who moonlights as our mother/mother-in-law, was thinking the same thing. She opened our property search up to a higher price range and the new prospects filled our inbox. 

The next day she took me to tour five houses that fit our criteria, starting with the one closest to home. I called Tom to tell him I think we found the one. I loved it. Barb loved it. And we knew (hoped!) Tom would love it. He wrote an offer on it that night, sight unseen. 

And this is the beginning of our home ownership journey! Our offer was accepted! We all went to see the house the next day. Luckily, Tom loved it too. It needs some work to make it our own, but it has great bones, and the neighborhood is absolutely incredible!

So please join us while we work to make this house our home!